Was recently at the annual Makerfaire in the bay area.  They had an electric car pavilion with the delorean from back to the future.  I was told you could get a new one for 40,000 from the factory.  There was a project there using hydraulics in an “exo suit” that was lots of fun.  Purchased a pebble watch that they had on sale for the show.  I use it now to do maps updates on the watch which connects to my phone over Bluetooth.  They also had a stereo3d section, with various artists up from Los Angeles talking about a 3d-space museum they wanted to start in LA.  Celine Tricart was manning the booth and I showed her my wearality 150 degree FOV virtual reality lenses.  https://twitter.com/CelineTricart?original_referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.digitalhollywood.com%2FWednesdaySp15.html&query=%23digitalhollywood&tw_i=596832518604607489&tw_p=embeddedtimeline&tw_w=510832348112232449

SvVr had a booth and were showing off elite dangerous and a few other vr experiences, I did not see Karl Krantz or Matt sonic around.  I did run into Rev Kyle there though and we talked a lot about the new happenings in VR.  I asked him to please do a podcast on Oculus announcing they were stopping Linux and apple support. Terabite was showing off their very high resolution photos.  Many were of insects that you could zoom in on with very high detail.  Also they had a fashion show with models wearing all sorts of cool costumes, I took one of a girl with green LED lights glowing all over her costume.

There was a “game of drones” event where drone quadcopters were in a battle to the death to see which robot drone could dominate.  The area was enclosed by netting so none of the spectators got hurt, reminded me of Mad Max 3, Beyond Thunderdome!  Right next to this display, Alan Yates, Chief Pharos at Valve Software was showing his new Valve Lighthouse technology.  They had several of the lighthouse trackers on hand and Alan took me through the components involved and how they expect to incorporate the technology using 3d printing, tracking of tools and even 3d printed objects, and even tracking drones and quadcopters!


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