WebGL 3D VR Hackathon  Mitch Williams and your humble blogger posting this article have just WON the x3d prize at the recent VR hackathon held at the Galvanize building in downtown san Francisco.  Mitch had a great idea for integrating a leap motion hand tracker into a webgl and x3d application.  The idea was to have a puppy […]

SVVR 2015

I was in attendance at SVVR 2015, the annual conference put on by karl krantz and crew.  Got to talk to cymatic bruce and Joe Ludwig during his panel on valve’s open VR.  I asked Joe about his card game, hard takeoff, involving FOOM, about AI’s taking over the planet like from that movie skynet.  […]

Maker Faire – We don’t need roads where we are going!

Was recently at the annual Makerfaire in the bay area.  They had an electric car pavilion with the delorean from back to the future.  I was told you could get a new one for 40,000 from the factory.  There was a project there using hydraulics in an “exo suit” that was lots of fun.  Purchased […]