Mitch Williams and your humble blogger posting this article have just WON the x3d prize at the recent VR hackathon held at the Galvanize building in downtown san Francisco.  Mitch had a great idea for integrating a leap motion hand tracker into a webgl and x3d application.  The idea was to have a puppy chase after the ball that you would throw using the leap motion, or launch the ball into a basket.  Our models were very primitive as we had no graphic arists or 3d modelers on the team with us, most of those went on the sony Morpheus project that was also competing in the competition.  I have talked to mitch about using the dexmo – a force feedback hand input device to give tactile feedback to our future projects.  Alex Colgan from leap motion contacted us after we won the vr hackathon about more development assistance from Leap Motion.  Also matt sonic was trying to get us into the project tango hackathon this weekend using googles new project tango technology but Mitch was already busy with other projects.  Mitch has written a book on webgl and used to work for Otoy, famous for the octane renderer that even carmack has said is a game changer for mobile VR.