a 360 video I took at one of the vendor booths, who did not want to give out their “secrets” – like danny DeVito said in LA Confidential, remember dear readers, off the record, on the QT, and always very HUSH HUSH 😉


I just attended the SID display week at the San Jose Convention Center.  The latest and greatest in displays was on display.  I met with Gordon Wetzstein from Stanford University, we both were looking at new tech that was being displayed at the innovation zone winners circle. was presenting a new lightfield holographics display system and Scott Hill, their senior electronics engineer discussed with me at length their new technologies.

SeeFront was also at the show with new glasses free stereo3d monitors, using eyetracking to handle diverting the correct image to the correct eye.  They were in the Germany pavilion and we also discussed new lightfield tech they were looking at bringing to market.  Greg Truman with Forth Dimension Displays was there showing the latest technology from Kopin. We discussed the latest in lightfield technology and my time at Valve testing their HMD’s last year at their HQ in Washington.

Dr. Farrell was there from Stanford University along with Gordon Wetzstein giving talks in the conference rooms about the latest in research in lightfield and other technologies at Stanford.  I met Dr. Farrell several times previously at SCIEN events at Stanford.  Her talk today was very illuminating.

Also I got to see my old hero John Ho, with Emagin, he showed me their new 2k x 2k VR HMD.  For those not aware, in 2009 when first encountering palmer I was using an emagin z800 with dual input and quadro graphics cards on high end workstations for various projects.  It was good to reminisce with John about the old Z800 and how his product inspired so many people.  John was the product manager of the z800.


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