I was in attendance at SVVR 2015, the annual conference put on by karl krantz and crew.  Got to talk to cymatic bruce and Joe Ludwig during his panel on valve’s open VR.  I asked Joe about his card game, hard takeoff, involving FOOM, about AI’s taking over the planet like from that movie skynet.  Roger Nelson of synertial.com told me about his new glove and mocap suit solution and we met with Roger Davis for lunch.  As an investor in Grush I had a meeting with ethan schur and dr. wang as well at the same time.  Simon Solotko of turris showed me their new chair and I was the first to back their kickstarter, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/840693394/turris-revolutionary-vr-seating-and-movement-contr  I got to meet with the new goog cardboard team, talking about new wide fov lens technologies they were working on, and a possible new game engine.  Dr. Jason Jerald discussed upcoming initiatives for SigGraph that he is on the committee for and they had a booth at SVVR.

Face shift had some interesting new technologies for motion capture of your face.  Philip Rosedale of High Fidelity gave an interesting talk on future metaverse initiatives and how they hope to acquire the VR metaverse root DNS.


Later in the day I got to test the perception neuron IMU suit.  They had a multi player game going and told me with an academic discount you could get the unit for under 1000.  The ricoh theta 360 camera was on sale at one of the booths, I picked one up for a little under 300 dollars, have been taking a ton of 360 photos.  Here is a 360 photo of myself, Roger Nelson, and Dan Cook, physicist, working on neurogaming and nuerofeedback devices.


I had not seen brad davis (jherico) since he was working at Amazon, he was at the high fidelity booth, we talked for a bit about the open source issues and Linux and apple support being dropped from Oculus SDK’s.  I got to test the OSVR headset, I moderate the OSVR subreddit.  I specifically wanted to talk about leap motion – the hand tracking input solution – being integrated into OSVR.  OSVR should be out within a few months.  Fove also had their eye tracking technology there, and have had a successful kickstarter.  I think the auto IPD features that can assist IPD settings will make eye tracking technology like FOVE has integrated into more headsets.  Justin Moravetz talked about how his game Proton Pulse was doing on the google app store, had not seen him since the GDC 14 oculus after party at the thirsty bear.  Corby CorvusVR was there and got his “make it rain” app into the hands of palmer luckey who demoed it at the event.  Towards the end of the day I met with Neil Schnieder of MTBS3D and the ITA and we talked about his new immersive initiative and Ben Lang with roadtovr talked to me about the panel he hosted with Palmer and Amir, I thought ben did a good job.  Ela Darling, VR porn star had asked a question of Palmer about adult content in the future on VR systems.