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Displayweek at San Jose, new Emagin VR hmd a 360 video I took at one of the vendor booths, who did not want to give out their “secrets” – like danny DeVito said in LA Confidential, remember dear readers, off the record, on the QT, and always very HUSH HUSH ūüėČ   I just attended the SID display week at the San […]

SFVR #9 With Kdawg80

Hush Hush  Here is a  youtube 360 video I made with the ricoh theta while attending the San Francisco Virtual Reality #9 at Adobe HQ may 30 2015. I met with Corvusvr with his Autistic Hippo Tango App with positional tracking on a mobile device!  Rothenberg was there checking out his demo. Corvus after [...]

Lightfield Display systems at ACM Siggraph Marvell – Lumii

Attended the lightfield display event at Marvell HQ last night with Mitch Williams.¬† I had attended the lightfield event with the SCIEN group at Stanford University a few months ago where I got to try the Oculus Crescent Bay and Otoy octane renderer technology.¬† Mitch Williams used to work for otoy and him and I […]

WebGL 3D VR Hackathon¬† Mitch Williams and your humble blogger posting this article have just WON the x3d prize at the recent VR hackathon held at the Galvanize building in downtown san Francisco.¬† Mitch had a great idea for integrating a leap motion hand tracker into a webgl and x3d application.¬† The idea was to have a puppy […]

SVVR 2015

I was in attendance at SVVR 2015, the annual conference put on by karl krantz and crew.¬† Got to talk to cymatic bruce and Joe Ludwig during his panel on valve’s open VR.¬† I asked Joe about his card game, hard takeoff, involving FOOM, about AI’s taking over the planet like from that movie skynet.¬† […]

Maker Faire – We don’t need roads where we are going!

Was recently at the annual Makerfaire in the bay area.¬† They had an electric car pavilion with the delorean from back to the future.¬† I was told you could get a new one for 40,000 from the factory.¬† There was a project there using hydraulics in an “exo suit” that was lots of fun.¬† Purchased […]

Augmented World Expo Lockheed Martin HMD David Smith

David Smith Lockheed Martin CIO Attended Augmented World Expo with Kevin Williams and Rob Wentworth.¬† Met Roger Nelson of Motionwerx, Jason Jerald of Nextgen, and David Nelson of USC – Palmer Luckey’s Lab Advisor.¬†¬† The sweet Dr. Lemon also graced me with her company.¬† Manuel Novelo gave an interesting presentation, and so did Niel […]

Valve’s VR Demo

Mike Abrash extended an offer to see the Valve VR Demo Room¬†at skytower in Bellevue.¬† Rob Hommel of attended with me.¬† We had just gotten our Epson BT-200 AR glasses and brought them with us and showed them off, a former employee of MVIS now with Valve said it reminded him of some of […]

Best VR Video A recent thread at Reddit talking about a good video to show off VR.¬†¬† ¬†¬† I would be remiss not to point out this video from the thread, it made me laugh. Today I spent a good amount of time with Gene Buckle and Rob of looking for good video to display […]

Epson Moverio BT-200 Augmented Reality Glasses

¬† Received¬†the Epson Moverio BT-200 AR glasses this week.¬† Rob Hommel of arrived to help with the unboxing.¬† Got Chrome installed after adding Amazon store.¬† Using the glasses, it makes it much more easier to take quick photos, since they are always on, no pulling a phone out of your pocket to snap a […]

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