Mike Abrash extended an offer to see the Valve VR Demo Room at skytower in Bellevue.  Rob Hommel of www.f15sim.com attended with me.  We had just gotten our Epson BT-200 AR glasses and brought them with us and showed them off, a former employee of MVIS now with Valve said it reminded him of some of the old military VR/AR projects he had worked on.  Doug Church of Valve was kind enough to set up a convenient time for us to test the VR demo last wednesday.  Turns out one of the employees at Valve is a cool flight sim fan too with his own F104 starfighter simulator and we promised to get him into the F15 Simulator.  Was told there were 2 screens 1440P each, never running below 95 FPS.  Sense of presence was amazing, none of the screen door or blur I have associated with previous HMD’s.

This demo was rather fascinating, smooth motion, incredible graphics.  I felt like I was on a borg ship perhaps from star trek.

Gene was not able to attend that demonstration but is hoping to get into the Valve VR room at some later date.  Everyone at Valve was very courteous and engaging.  A great bunch of guys.  I said after such an amazing demo who do I write the 2 billion dollar check too? 😉