Displayweek at San Jose, new Emagin VR hmd a 360 video I took at one of the vendor booths, who did not want to give out their “secrets” – like danny DeVito said in LA Confidential, remember dear readers, off the record, on the QT, and always very HUSH HUSH 😉   I just attended the SID display week at the San […]

SFVR #9 With Kdawg80

Hush Hush  Here is a  youtube 360 video I made with the ricoh theta while attending the San Francisco Virtual Reality #9 at Adobe HQ may 30 2015. I met with Corvusvr with his Autistic Hippo Tango App with positional tracking on a mobile device!  Rothenberg was there checking out his demo. Corvus after [...]

Lightfield Display systems at ACM Siggraph Marvell – Lumii

Attended the lightfield display event at Marvell HQ last night with Mitch Williams.  I had attended the lightfield event with the SCIEN group at Stanford University a few months ago where I got to try the Oculus Crescent Bay and Otoy octane renderer technology.  Mitch Williams used to work for otoy and him and I […]

WebGL 3D VR Hackathon  Mitch Williams and your humble blogger posting this article have just WON the x3d prize at the recent VR hackathon held at the Galvanize building in downtown san Francisco.  Mitch had a great idea for integrating a leap motion hand tracker into a webgl and x3d application.  The idea was to have a puppy […]

SVVR 2015

I was in attendance at SVVR 2015, the annual conference put on by karl krantz and crew.  Got to talk to cymatic bruce and Joe Ludwig during his panel on valve’s open VR.  I asked Joe about his card game, hard takeoff, involving FOOM, about AI’s taking over the planet like from that movie skynet.  […]

Maker Faire – We don’t need roads where we are going!

Was recently at the annual Makerfaire in the bay area.  They had an electric car pavilion with the delorean from back to the future.  I was told you could get a new one for 40,000 from the factory.  There was a project there using hydraulics in an “exo suit” that was lots of fun.  Purchased […]

An introduction for a new blogger

Hello World! This is my first blog post for International Immersion Industries. My name is Rob Wentworth, and I am known in various tech forums as GeekMaster. I have a lot of existing content that I plan to migrate to this blog, and I will blog about other things I am working on, of which […]

Augmented World Expo Lockheed Martin HMD David Smith

David Smith Lockheed Martin CIO Attended Augmented World Expo with Kevin Williams and Rob Wentworth.  Met Roger Nelson of Motionwerx, Jason Jerald of Nextgen, and David Nelson of USC – Palmer Luckey’s Lab Advisor.   The sweet Dr. Lemon also graced me with her company.  Manuel Novelo gave an interesting presentation, and so did Niel […]

Valve’s VR Demo

Mike Abrash extended an offer to see the Valve VR Demo Room at skytower in Bellevue.  Rob Hommel of attended with me.  We had just gotten our Epson BT-200 AR glasses and brought them with us and showed them off, a former employee of MVIS now with Valve said it reminded him of some of […]

Best VR Video A recent thread at Reddit talking about a good video to show off VR.  I would be remiss not to point out this video from the thread, it made me laugh. Today I spent a good amount of time with Gene Buckle and Rob of looking for good video to display […]

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