Hello World!

This is my first blog post for International Immersion Industries. My name is Rob Wentworth, and I am known in various tech forums as GeekMaster.

I have a lot of existing content that I plan to migrate to this blog, and I will blog about other things I am working on, of which I am free to blog about.

I will post photos and immersive experiences here, including some s3d-360 photos which I captured recently at GDC 2015 and other places. To allow such 360-degree panoramic photos to be viewed here in your Flash, HTML5 & WebGLhere in an HTML5 capable web browser, we have installed the official WordPress plug-in called PanoPress.

And now to begin this journey, I will post this mini-submission to test that I actually CAN post here. TTYL!

(GeekMaster & Carmack 360 @ GDC2015, use mouse to look around in this 360-panorama)

(GeekMaster & Carmack 3D @ GDC2015, if you click the image, you can also select “Oculus Rift” viewing mode)