David Smith Lockheed Martin CIO


Attended Augmented World Expo with Kevin Williams and Rob Wentworth.  Met Roger Nelson of Motionwerx, Jason Jerald of Nextgen, and David Nelson of USC – Palmer Luckey’s Lab Advisor.   The sweet Dr. Lemon also graced me with her company.  Manuel Novelo gave an interesting presentation, and so did Niel Trevett of Nvidia.  David Smith of Lockheed Martin announced some new wide FOV optics that he had helped develop.  Fascinating technology, what have those guys working on the F35 jet fighter come up with now over at skunkworks? 😉  They had an interesting theater group doing an augmented reality carnival where a beautiful Bulgarian Gypsy fortune Teller read my palm.  I felt like Ultima 6 had come true.

Ultima 6 Fortune Teller

Dave Martinez with Brickwork was a lot of fun to hang out with during the Meta Spaceglasses VIP event we attended.  Also the Sulon Cortex team was showing off their latest prototype, it was close to the valve VR demo I had tried earlier.  Just before AWE there was a scifi book convention and David Weber of Honor Harrington fame was there, geekmaster and myself got to talk to him at length and got some books signed.  (read On Basilisk Station by Weber if you haven’t already)