Received the Epson Moverio BT-200 AR glasses this week.  Rob Hommel of arrived to help with the unboxing.  Got Chrome installed after adding Amazon store.  Using the glasses, it makes it much more easier to take quick photos, since they are always on, no pulling a phone out of your pocket to snap a photo.  I got a lot of photos I would have missed otherwise.  However the default of my glasses was a low rez 640×480 picture so the first few photos I took in low light were grainy.  After about 4 hours of use the glasses were making my ears hurt a tad, Rob suggested installing the included ear tabs and this solved the pain issue.  Plugging in my skullcanday navigator headphones, there was no sound, I had to reinstall the plug 3 times before the sound worked.




Later in the day chatted with Geekmaster about our old pal Rfurlan over at MTBS3D forums, on his AR DIY goog glass project we had just read about in MAKE magazine.