Hush Hush  Here is a  youtube 360 video I made with the ricoh theta while attending the San Francisco Virtual Reality #9 at Adobe HQ may 30 2015.

I met with Corvusvr with his Autistic Hippo Tango App with positional tracking on a mobile device!  Rothenberg was there checking out his demo. Corvus after you get rich don’t forget us little guys 😉

Damon Hernandez with the Web3D experts was the k3wlest kat in the kave, he knew where all the good beer was.

Eriks with was telling me about some k3wl new projects. Got to talk to Alex Sink, he really gets around.

Florian Hoenig with taught me some k3wl things about lightfields.

Dino Labs by Feature Creep was there. I had met them at the Web3D galvanizd hackathon last weekend seeing their augmented reality dinosaurs. They were doing a project tango app that you could see dinosaurs at a museum, who needs Jurassic Park?   My buddy Kenny Nichols, Kdawg80 was as always giving me lots of assistance.  He was first in line for the Tilt Brush – Vive experience and said he loved the input solution.  Matt Sonic looks 2D even in 3D, he is in great shape, I need to lose a few pounds like him 😉 Lots of k3wl demos, one you had to find a kitty in the room, and another had a ducky with a fedora and machine gun. Leap Motion was there, Cade Peterson talked about new development initiatives.

Narcosis was there, I saw Eriks playing it. At GDC 2014 I had talked with marley magner, from the berklee school of music in Boston where he had just gotten a game degree. He was a 3d game audio expert and we had a meeting with Adam Sessler – formerly of G4tv about how Adam really liked Narcosis and was going to get Marley in touch with those guys for some 3D audio in the title. Ricoh Theta was there talking about their new developer competition where you can win 1 million yen. I laid my Ricoh Camera down and we talked about the latest and greatest in 360 video. Katie Goode, Design Pixie with Triangular Pixels showed me her latest work, they are famous for Smash Hit Plunder. Lilypad was showing off some new game, with Willie and Dee. Karl Krantz showed up sporting a fresh haircut, always looking dapper. Like danny DeVito used to say in that movie “LA Confidential” Remember dear readers, you heard it here first, on the QT, off the record, and always HUSH HUSH. 😉