Ran into Ari Hollander and Tom Furness while at the world premiere of Trumbull’s UFOTOG.


Trumbull said they did the post processing in 2k resolution because it was easier than 4k.  Said back in his “showscan” days they recorded a hypnotist and were able to hypnotize the entire audience and he never showed it again because they were afraid of lawsuits.  Filmed the space planets in a glycerin tank w 1600 fps liquid argon tunnel of light compositing techniques.

Dolby atmos 128 channel sound in future theaters.  He has 29 channels in his private studio.  Says he is going to bring binaural sound to this tech.

Trumbull just said the future is high rez vr sitting at home in an interactive choose your own adventure movie/TV show. No more passive experiences. Hollywood as we know it will die.  Interactive virtual reality movies/adventures are the future trumbull says.

Depth of field and iris diameter were important in this project.  The film is designed for trade shows and educating directors on the future.

Spectral notch filtering will be used on future projects.  No more polarized solution.  Ts5 rig same as Cameron. Canon c500.  Phantom flex 4k.  Trumbull says the movie the hobbit at 48fps upset many filmmakers.  He mentions the “uncanny valley,” Color grading, Flat lining.  He says he is hopping over the valley.  Says he was talking about dome systems at planetariums w 180 fov w Christies new laser projection w this tech.  He wants to put this in the back to the future ride.  He says the polar express movie was in uncanny valley.  Says he used 180 degree cycloramic greenscreen and virtual sets are the future.  3ality.  Trumbull says u will no longer need to contract out special effects saving 50 million to 200 million in money on new movies, some studios will probably fold.  He ran the film on a 13 inch 4k laptop high end gaming laptop.  Said it was terrible experience, like a ship in a bottle.  He is talking to “go pro” for documentaries using this tech.

Just saw ufotog.  Mind blown. Colors so rich. Best stereo3d I have seen outside of 8k laser.  Trumbull says Christie laser  projectors soon to be installed.  He has new SciFi film on the way.  Trumbull talking now giving fascinating history of himself and family and new movie tech.


CYPRESS, CA – Filmmaker and visual effects legend Douglas Trumbull is partnering with Christie to premiere UFOTOG, a dramatic 10-minute experimental sci-fi story about a lone man attempting to photograph UFOs.

Directed by Trumbull and created in 4K 3D at 120 frames per second (fps), the short film will be screened on a Christie Mirage 4K35, the first and only 4K DLP resolution projector running at a true 120Hz. The screening will be at the Seattle Cinerama Theater’s 2nd Annual Sci-Fi Film Festival.