An interesting AR panel with Rick Johnson of Technical Illusions (CastAR) talking about data issues.

About 46 minutes in I ask a question of the panelists and think they do a good job giving feedback on Jaron Lanier and his thoughts on “who owns the future”

I had an interesting talk w Tom Nugent of intific exhibiting at the conference.  He told me he worked for DARPA and I asked if he knew deputy director of DARPA Dr. Kaigham Gabriel.  He said yes he knew him very well and had worked with him.  I explained that Dr. Gabriel and I had an exchange at George Mason University for a C4I event in 2011 about their new multi hundred million dollar drone system doing 3D surface models and point clouds and that had just entered the market promising a similar solution.  This was during an AFCEA event.  He said yes that was a big project at the time.

Our veterans and academic researchers getting funds to treat and research PTSD was also brought up at the conference with these EMOTIVE type neurofeedback devices.  (My father and several uncles suffered from this all their lives after their military  service in Vietnam)

I also had about a 2 hour talk with Jason Jerald of next gen.  It was the most productive talk I have had in many weeks and he was very interested in getting my business partner and advisor Kevin Williams to speak at Karl Krantz’s Svvr event.  I have made the claim to Palmer that Kevin and his disneyquest Aladdin Vr project at downtown Disney in Orlando has exposed more people to vr than all other solutions combined currently.

Also they mentioned in Palmer Luckey’s bio of the event.  Reading this thread  u will find in 2009 a guy named martinlandau (my pseudonym at the time after my AI professor Dr. George Meghabghab had me watch the old AI movie “access code” w martinlandau) gives palmer the wide fov idea along w critical Eric howlett leep vr resesrch along w another guy with pseudonym TONE.   He was talking to us about leep on the cheap VR systems after I got Palmer interested in the howlett research after  Cybereality made everyone aware how sad the current state of affairs were regarding high FOV consumer HMD’s in 2009. 

Finally I had a productive talk with Howard Rose about meeting with him and Ari Hollander in their firsthand business for pain management research for our veterans.  This is a noble cause worth the effort.  So I had a lot of good come out of the conference and was very happy these guys had Gluten Free food.

Spent most of the non-conference time with Geekmaster, photos coming soon….